Super Mario Bros Matryoshka Dolls Set

Super Mario Brothers have a lot of different artwork, designs and toys created for it, and this beautiful Matryoshka dolls set is not an exception to good quality of NES art. It is a wonderful art creation that gives a sense of Low Tech to the different Nintendo art we are used to, including some old fashion style and a definite vintage touch.



Cmsturmhous has posted this handmade Matryoshka dolls set (aka Russian dolls) showing the great colors of all the different characters we know so well. From Mario and Luigi leading the clan, the princess is present, along with Bowser, Toad, the turtle, and the additional enemies we become fond of.




At some of the closeups, it does look as if these truly open up and swallow the smaller doll up inside, thus storing all of the dolls within Super Mario. I am waiting to see if this kind of art will also be made for other classic such as Zelda, though Mario’s belly really makes these as a convenient storing place.




Image credit: Cmsturmhous Flickr